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We emphasize that health is every individuals business and not only restricted to certain professions. We all have a role to play to ensure healthy living for our communities.


Cultivate a healthy body, quiet mind, open heart and vibrant spirit.

Medical Aid Department

Focuses on reaching out to remote areas and areas with less access to medical attention by providing medical relief especially first aid

Nutritional Aid Department

Focuses on providing nutritional relief especially to the malnourished children.

Health Awareness Department

Focuses on sensitising people on healthy lifestyle especially lifestyle modification, hygiene and mental health by providing a platform where people can open up and receive help as well as organising conferences and talk shows on health.

Be The Change You Wanna See!

Our Foundation’s yearly goal is to reach more than 100 communities with health awareness and we may be headed your way. Join Us

Our Objectives

1. Raise health awareness on disease prevention and healthy lifestyle.

2. Reach out to remote areas by providing medical relief i.e first aid.

3. Provide nutritional relief especially to malnourished children and the aged.

4. Promote mental health by providing a platform for people to open up and receive counsel.

5. Organise conferences and events to enlighten people on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Our Volunteer Community

Our success is only possible because of the unending aid from our ever dedicated and loyal volunteers, who work tirelessly to make sure aid reaches the target communities.

Bringing aid to the the community brings joy to me and my reward is the smiles on the faces of the people we serve
Volunteer 1
Serving for 6 months
Being part of the medical industry gives me full insight on the importance of what Healthing Hand Foundations is trying to achieve.
Volunteer 2
Serving for 2 months
Volunteering is my passion and i serve with Healthing Hand Foundation because I believe in their Vision and want to be part of it.
Volunteer 3
Serving for 4 months

“Begin your journey to a better life with health wise”

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We Believe In Being The Change We Want to See!

Does your community need help?

We are ready to lend a helping hand and we are coming to your community.

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