Healthing Hand Foundation Limited is a registered nonprofit making organization that focuses on restoring health to society. The foundation was first registered in february of 2020. It aims to provide nutritional and first aid to vulnerable communities as well as raise awareness on disease prevention.

Motto : “Healthy life Wealthy life”

We emphasise that health is every individuals business and not only restricted to certain professions. We all have a role to play to ensure healthy living.


We have 3 Main Departments:

1.Medical Aid Department:
Focuses on reaching out to remote areas and areas with less access to medical attention by providing medical relief especially first aid.

2.Nutritional Aid Department:
Focuses on providing nutritional relief especially to the malnourished children.

3.Health Awareness Department:
Focuses on sensitising people on healthy lifestyle especially mental health by providing a platform where people can open up and receive help as well as organising conferences and talk shows on health. Weekly updates on health tips on our social media platforms is also run by this department.